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Wine of Kings, King of Wines

Wine of Kings, King of Wines

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I started making wine between 1980 and 1985 in front of my parents´ house only on a little mill and press. However, I had been studying High school of Viticulture and Gardening in Modra, which is about 400 km far from my hometown Slovenské Nové Mesto, so I had to give instructions to my parents from the far distance, which wine has to be sulphurated and which one has to be tapped…


Always, when I had arrived home, usually once in three weeks, I spent most of the time in the wine cellar. Later on, my parents wanted to give me a motorcycle or watch as a gift for successful ending of the school. But I asked them to buy me a small vineyard in Tokaj region. Then I processed my first grape harvest. For the money I had made, I bought few new barrels and left home to begin my university studies in Morava. From my studies at Faculty of Agronomy in Lednice (department of Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno) I have brought, except new skills and knowledge, also my wife – a Moravian, who was not afraid to leave her home country behind and go with me 400 km far away from her birthplace. Then, in 1990, after the change of political situation and birth of our son, we set up a private company. We had nothing but five wine barrels and huge enthusiasm to work. After many sleepless nights of planning and hard physical work, we finally achieved to buy a small wine cellar. Later on we could afford a bigger one, a storeroom and finally we settled down in the heart of Tokaj, the village Veká Trna. We have slowly built an area and today you can find there a reconstructed production hall, mechanisation centre, storehouse and Tokaj house  with a new wine cellar.

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Never ever I would dreamt that I will work with something else than gardening and flowers. In 1985, when my mother company sent me at Faculty of Agronomy in Lednice to study beside my work, my colleagues made jokes about me, that I will marry a wine-maker. Of course I did not believe them, but they were right. Today, I live here, cut by borderline from my home, but still very happy. It is a beautiful country, where sun is not covered with a crust of smog. Every day the sun rises, goes higher and higher up to the sky, from where, with a pride, looks down to the earth how new day begins. Thanks to him can be born that, what made this region so famous. Here ripe our grapes, from which the Wine of Kings and King of Wines is being made. Wine, which already in 17th century was drank by king Luis XIV and his court. Its name is Tokaj. The aroma of this wine is well-known to me. I smell and admire it every day. It cannot be replaced by anything else. There is a cool spring air and hot summer sun, mountains, which are in the surrounding and do not let rain to come closer. Wine has for everyone a different meaning. For someone it is fun, for someone truth and for someone source of income. But one thing is for sure. A good wine cannot be made without love. And the one who makes it for money cannot be truly happy. The wine made with their hands cannot give that warm feeling, cannot open any heart or soul. To say it shortly, wine wants and needs the whole human being. I know it. My husband makes Tokaj wines and so do I.

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Jaro Ostrožovič

Jarka Ostrožovič


London based company Apiday Ltd. specializes in import and distribution of exclusive Slovak wines and distillates.  Wines from J&J Ostrozovic, presented on this website are ones of the best we have to offer. Viniculture J&J Ostrozovic is the longest operating company of Tokaj part in Slovakia . Nowadays, it manages about 148 acres of vineyard and 500 meters of wine cellars, where the wine matures in oak barrels. High amount of awards from international competitions is a proof that company is focused more on quality than quantity.  Collections Saturnia, Mysteria and Tokaj Collection are available in our London storage and we can deliver them in three days. Special Collections and Aged wines are stored in J&J Ostrozovic wine cellar in Slovakia. These we can deliver in 2-3 weeks.  

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